Home Made Energy Review

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Features: 4 stars
Ease of Use: 4 and a half stars
Effectiveness: 5 stars
Customer Support: 4 and a half stars
Value for Money: 5 stars
OVERALL RATING: 4 and a half stars


Written by Bill Ford - a scientist, researcher, inventor and energy consultant - Home Made Energy is a great guide for people with limited technical knowledge. The instructions are easy to follow, and the only place where it falls short of it's rival, Earth4Energy, is that it lacks instructional videos.

Quick Stats

Price $47.00 - BUY IT NOW
Diagrams Good - full color, easy to follow, but lacked some details
Video Instruction None
Solar Power Plans Average - step-by-step, but a little confusing at times
Wind Turbine Plans Excellent - step-by-step, all bases covered, got our windmill working 1st time
Free Extras Nothing extraordinary
Access To Product Instant access to download area after payment
Customer Support Email only - but quick to reply and very helpful if ever needed
Updates And Revisions Free for the lifetime of the product, but no updates as yet
Money-Back Guarantee Yes - can request refund up to 60 days later



  • We had fun
    Since the instructions for the wind turbine were so well laid out, everything went smoothly, and we really enjoyed putting the windmill together. The end result looks so professional as well!

  • Cheapest option
    Well, Home Made Energy is only about $2 cheaper than its rivals, but with the economy currently in crisis, every dollar helps.

  • Written for the layman
    Bill Ford obviously wanted to appeal to the masses when he wrote this guide. It was super simple to understand, and although the diagrams could be a little confusing at times, it was almost impossible not to end up with a working windmill after following the instructions.


  • Lacks features
    At only around 43 pages long, this guide lacks that extra information and detail. Perhaps you could argue that it is to the point, however, when compared to Earth4Energy, we would rather spend that extra $2 to get that additional info.

  • Needs an update
    We're not sure about other users, but we occasionally struggled to follow the solar power plans easily. The diagrams did not quite flow with the instructions and we had to contact support numerous times for assistance when building the solar panels. Although they were very helpful, they never decided to pass on that knowledge to everyone by updating their guide with the additional solar panel information. Bill Ford offers free lifetime updates, but what good is that if he never revises his guide?


Home Made Energy is a guide for beginners that are willing to learn as they go along. The instructions and advice are sound, which is crucial any diy guide. However, Bill needs to keep up with his rival, Earth4Energy, and add more value to the guide, such as providing videos and maintenance instructions, which we - as customers - so desperately need.

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