Free Energy Options Review

Free Energy Options

Features: 3 and a half stars
Ease of Use: 2 and a half stars
Effectiveness: 3 stars
Customer Support: 1 star
Value for Money: 3 and a half stars


Free Energy Options claims to provide step-by-step, easy to follow instructions to making your own wind or solar power at home. Our experience says otherwise - our solar panels are not even half finished, and we are still waiting for a reply from customer support.


Quick Stats

Price $48.95
Diagrams Average - very basic, take a while to understand
Video Instruction None
Solar Power Plans Terrible - very confusing, not to scale, important info missing
Wind Turbine Plans Average - maybe a little harder to follow for beginners
Additional Information Maintenance & legal info; basic info on saving power at home
Access To Product Instant access to download area after payment
Customer Support Non-existent - we're still waiting for a reply
Updates And Revisions Free for lifetime of product, but needs an update badly
Money-Back Guarantee Yes - can request refund up to 60 days later



  • Money-back guarantee
    Since we could not actually finish making our solar panels, and customer service was non-exixtent, we gladly made use of the money-back guarantee. Thankfully Clickbank handles transactions, so we got our money back in no time at all.


  • Not for beginners
    Free Energy Options is definitely not a guide for beginners. The solar power plans were lacking crucial details - so much so that was almost impossible to build a working system with the plans. The wind plans were complete, but assumed the reader had some technical know-how.

  • No customer support
    Since the solar plans were incomplete, we contacted customer support for assistance. Well 5 emails and 3 weeks later, we still never had a reply. Perhaps Alan Hopkins, the author, has slipped into retirement and does not feel like answering emails anymore.


Alan claims his Free Energy Options guide is step-by-step and perfect for beginners, but it's not. We were so unimpressed we asked for a refund. To be honest, we are surprised Alan even shows his face on the product.

We would only recommend this guide for people that like a challenge. However, rather save yourself the headache and get a guide like Earth4Energy or Home Made Energy - for about the same price - that actually delivers what it promises.

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Free Energy Options