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Features: 5 stars
Ease of Use: 4 and half stars
Effectiveness: 5 stars
Customer Support: 4 and a half stars
Value for Money: 4 and a half stars
OVERALL RATING: 4 and a half stars


The Efficient Planet guide is not just one book, it's 3! With 71 pages on how to build a home solar power system, 51 pages on how to build a home wind turbine, and another 50 pages on how to enjoy efficient living at home, this is one comprehensive set of instructions! It almost hit our #1 spot, over-taking Earth4Energy, but its lack of video instruction put it at #2.

Quick Stats

Price $49.97 - BUY IT NOW
Diagrams Very good - full color, very well detailed.
Video Instruction No
Solar Power Plans Excellent - 71 pages, fool-proof, well thought out & explained
Wind Turbine Plans Very comprehensive - 51 pages, step-by-step
Free Extras 50 page guide on efficient living, other undisclosed bonuses
Access To Product Instant access to download area after payment
Customer Support Email only - quick reply, but very generic answers
Updates And Revisions Available free of charge for the lifetime of the product - no updates yet
Money-Back Guarantee Yes - can request refund up to 60 days later



  • Comprehensive Instructions
    Efficient planet just became the most comprehensive DIY energy guide on the market. With over 175 pages of fantastic step-by-step instructions and advice that are easy to follow, it is well worth the small price tag of $49.97.

  • Loads of great bonuses
    Efficient planet has a whole host of bonus items for its customers - this includes a 50 page guide on efficient living. Just this guide alone is worth the $49.97. Also included are audio and video interviews with fellow DIYers that have built their own home solar and wind power.

    Additional, but irrelevant bonus items included is:
    'Project Wealthy' - a kit that teaches you everything about running your own efficient home business.
    And what they call "Undisclosed bonuses".

  • Solid plans
    What we liked was the way the they broke the guide up into 3 volumes:

    The First volume talks all about solar power, and how to make your solar panels at home. But it went further and talks about other solar power options, such as solar thermal heating and solar roofing.

    The second volume focuses on wind power and how to build a home wind turbine. It also exposes 10 common myths about wind power, by giving you the cold, hard facts.

    The third volume teaches you how to save power and become more energy efficient. Although much of this info is common knowledge and available freely throughout the net, it tied in well with the purpose of the guide - to make your home energy efficient.


  • No video instruction
    Just when we were beginning to like the Efficent Planet guide, it fell short of Earth4Energy by not providing video instruction. Many of us struggle to simply read instructions, see a few a diagrams, and then be able to build a working solar or wind power system. We need to see it being built in real-time. So video would have been very helpful.

  • Just another DIY energy guide
    Efficient Planet is just another diy energy guide. There seems to be a new one cropping almost weekly. And at the end of the day, it gives you the same info as other energy guides, but said in a different way. We like the fact that the Efficient Planet authors realized this and gave a number of great bonuses to complement the product, which made better value for money.


Efficient Planet is a comprehensive set of advice and instruction on enjoying efficient living at home. Yes, this guide will eventually show the average Joe how to build a working solar and wind power system, but like the other energy guides out there, it lacks the video instruction that Earth4Energy provides. The bonuses make it great value for money, so it gets our #2 rating overall.

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