Earth4Energy Review

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Features: 5 stars
Ease of Use: 5 stars
Effectiveness: 5 stars
Customer Support: 4 and half stars
Value for Money: 5 stars

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The Earth4Energy manual claims it can help you save up to 80% on your electricity bill, and perhaps even eliminate it completely. So does it live up our expectations? Read on to find out...

Quick Stats

Diagrams Very good - full color, very well detailed.
Video Instruction Yes - but only for the solar energy plans UPDATE - 15 min wind turbine video added.
Solar Power Plans Excellent - step-by-step, well thought out & explained
Wind Turbine Plans Very good - easy to follow
Free Extras STEP-BY-STEP Videos, Special Parts List, IRS Tax Rebate Forms
Access To Product Instant access to download area after payment
Customer Support Email only - but quick to reply and very helpful if ever needed
Updates And Revisions Available free of charge for the lifetime of the product - updated regularly
Money-Back Guarantee Yes - can request refund up to 60 days later

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  • Value for money
    Although similarly priced to its competitors, the Earth4Energy manual is not only the longest guide, but also the most complete. And if the guide could not answer any questions we had, the great customer support helped fill in the blanks, which brings us to our next point...

  • Excellent customer service
    Our support tickets were answered not only quickly, but very thoroughly. Furthermore, a while back we recommended they provide video instructions to help people picture the building process better - and guess what? They recently did! How's that for meeting your customers' needs?

  • Excellent solar panel plans
    The solar panel system plans were the most comprehensive and thanks to the great instructional videos, they were by far the easiest to follow. Material cost estimates were accurate - the author, Michael Harvey, claims you can get all the solar parts for about $100-$150. We managed to find everything for $117.53. This is a bargain if you think the cost of getting a professional to install these systems can run into thousands of dollars!

    Another great thing about the Earth4Energy manual solar plans, is that they explained how to make the system portable - which we used to power our rv.

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  • No video instructions for wind turbine plans
    Okay, we may be getting a little picky since they updated the guide, but at least they could've added videos for the wind turbine as well. We believe these videos could come in useful in explaining how to securely fix the turbine to the roof. UPDATE - New 15 min wind turbine video added

  • Need to scale up to achieve desired results
    This actually applies to all the energy guides featured on our site. Although it is very possible to get completely off the grid with these plans - ie. generate enough electricity to power every part of your property - you need to scale up. So, depending on your household's average energy consumption, and average hours of sunlight and wind speed, you will most probably have to make more than one solar/wind power system to get the desired results.


With comprehensive plans, step-by-step diagrams, supplementary videos, excellent customer support, and regular updates to meet the growing needs of its users - the Earth4Energy manual and videos will set you well on your way to making your own renewable energy at home. It's no wonder this guide has out-performed it closest rivals by over 500%! (based on number of satisfied customers)

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