Earth4Energy Review

5 stars

Earth4Energy ReviewThe Earth4Energy manual claims it can help you save up to 80% on your electricity bill, and perhaps even eliminate it completely. So does it live up our expectations? Without a doubt...Yes.

With comprehensive plans, step-by-step diagrams, supplementary videos, excellent customer support, and regular updates to meet the growing needs of its users - the Earth4Energy manual is the complete package.

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Efficient Planet Review

4 and a half stars

Efficient Planet ReviewThe Efficient Planet guide is not just one book, it's 3! With 71 pages on how to build a home solar power system, 51 pages on how to build a home wind turbine, and another 50 pages on how to enjoy efficient living at home, this is one comprehensive set of instructions!

It almost hit our #1 spot, over-taking Earth4Energy, but its lack of video instruction put it at #2.

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Home Made Energy Review

4 and a half stars

Home Made Energy ReviewHomeMade Energy is a guide for beginners that are willing to learn as they go along. The instructions and advice are sound, which is crucial for any diy guide. The only place where it falls short of it's rival, Earth4Energy, is that it lacks instructional videos.

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Home Made Power Plant Review

4 stars

Home Made Power Plant ReviewWith great diagrams, and interesting additional information, HomeMade Power Plant is a well-written guide that even a non-technical person can understand. The plans were fairly easy to follow, and although we never had a good experience with customer support, at least they were quick to reply.

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Free Energy Options Review

3 stars

Free Energy Options ReviewFree Energy Options claims to provide step-by-step, easy to follow instructions to making your own wind or solar power at home. Our experience says otherwise. To be honest, we are surprised Alan even shows his face on the product.

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Make Natural Power Review

2 and a half stars

Make Natural Power ReviewThe best thing about Make Natural Power is its cover. Everything beyond that was disappointing to say the least. Although it appears to have all the features of the the other guides, the information is very thin and not well-explained.

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