Why We All Should Harness Solar Power – A Number Of Really Amazing Reasons

It warms up our faces and grows our food; solar energy is our life blood and gives us most of that we need to live on. Using its potency, however, has escaped the earths populace, or at least until relatively recently. Harnessing our sun’s full potential may be a long way into the future, but until engineering shows us the true possibilities of solar power we can use what we have as a matter of necessity, economic need and personal responsibility.

Maybe you are quite happy with the status quo of today. Maybe you feel all is fine and you don’t feel the need to change a system that’s worked for over a century. If you do, consider a few of these benefits to solar power and you may just recognize its potential in a somewhat more responsible, yet selfish, light.

But What If I don’t really care about the current situation? Perhaps everything in the world is OK as far as you are concerned. The very last thing that you give a damn about are plants, clean air and clean drinking water. Heck, the drinking water turns up every time you turn on a faucet, the heater comes on when it’s cold, the light switch brings you a bright light. What’s there to be concerned about? Consider that this is just the problem. If you don’t care for the state of affairs, the faucet may not bring you pure drinking water, the heater may not go on and the car certainly won’t start. If the earth is kept neat and left to do what it was intended to do, everything will continue to work fine. But get in its way and everything you thought was hunky-dory won’t be for long.

Cost savings – One of the best things about caring for the suns ability to serve its rightful purpose is that it can really save you money in the longer run. Once solar systems are purchased and installed, they cost little, if anything to operate and maintain. In most instances, the government will even help to pay for the upfront costs of installing the system through tax incentives. Additionally, power companies in most regions are required to pay you for energy that you have generated and not used. Yes, you read correctly, the power company will pay you!

Makes Economic Sense – In most instances, 80% of the southern hemisphere can generate enough solar power to run and heat their homes with existing solar systems. This means that whatever is left over goes back to the power grid if you so choose. Just think of your energy meter running backwards. The extra electricity you need for that cloudy day is stored in ever more efficient batteries. Most current users claim that the use of solar energy systems only takes a little thought in energy management.

Off the power grid – Depending upon how you feel about things, another of the best reasons to use photovoltaic solar panels is that you can remove yourself from the ‘grid’ so to speak. Many people do not feel like being a part of the social collective that is interconnectivity. Going sun powered takes you away from this one aspect of community and puts you closer to self reliance which is a great thing.

Versatility – Just because the solar electricity generation systems of today have come a long way in providing electricity, heating and a host of other services there is a long way to go. This is not to indicate, however, that solar energy is not currently versatile in form and function. Photovoltaic Solar systems can currently be formed into thin sheets for car top electric powered cars. They can cover rooftops and not be noticed, unlike those 1960s units. Prices are also coming down, almost as fast as the flat screen TVs of today.

Personal responsibility – Past the cost benefits and environmental benefits that solar electricity brings you should consider using it because you are part of a larger social order that will procreate. Man has not been around for all that long and is doing its best to end its run in one way or another. If you would like to give your children’s children a better chance at continuing the species’ run on this planet, solar energy is one small contribution that you can make all by your self.

One way to reach the goal of accommodating all the comforts of home functioning in good order is by using other sources of power generation like the sun, and not generating nasty things that get in the way of the environment doing its job. Most current sources of power include carbon based fossil fuels such as natural gas which are derived from fossilized plants. Environmentally responsible power, heat and daily transport come from living or energised sources like h2O and O2 molecules. The Sun can be turned directly into useful electricity and used to power your suv, heat your house and provide your light. But to make the process work, you need to be able to see the sun, which means caring for the environment and not getting in its way.

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