Understanding Wind Power Electricity For Future Use

Nations and states are investing money in to sustainable wind power electricity farms situated across rolling plains and shallow ocean shelves. Alternative energy sources are variable by nature and so wind power electricity is just one part of a larger alternative energy picture.

Wind farms worldwide are looking to leaders in wind energy. The largest wind farm is currently planted in Texas in the United States and houses over 400 wind turbines. The farm produces enough energy yearly to power over 200,000 homes. Forward thinkers around the world have taken the lead and initiated the use of wind power in their backyards. Wind power electricity is produced on these private wind farms and then sold and fed into the public power grid. It should be made clear that wind power is not the sole solution to the energy crisis. It is one piece of a larger solution that must include additional energy sources like solar and the continued use of fossil fuel based energy.

Denmark and the United Kingdom have taken major steps in including wind power into their nation’s energy plans for the future. Australia has approximately 42 wind farms with it’s largest farm, Lake Bonney Wind Farm, dolling out an estimated 230 MW of power annually. Other countries stepping up to the plate include Morocco, Japan, India, Brazil and the Philippines.

The funding of wind power initiatives has generally come from the private business sector and entrepreneurs. The farms receive massive tax cuts and rebates but the initial capital needed for investment, research and development has generally come from private sources, rather than government funding.

More of the world can be powered by wind energy than most people believe is possible. The electricity produced by wind can not be viewed as a sole source of energy. Viewed as part of a multi approach plan to filling energy needs the power of wind generated electricity is much more apparent.

Alternative energy enthusiasts and activists are investing in small wind turbines to fuel their homes, schools, and businesses. As more and more people explore alternative energy solutions such as wind power electricity, look for favorable government loans, tax rebates and credits to benefit those willing to participating in alternative energy programs.

Wind energy and alternative energy sources will work best when understood on both macro and micro scales. Small and mid size organizations might benefit more from a small wind turbine as opposed to depending on the power company to secure alternative energies for them. We need to create alternative energy on a small scale and demand that this trend be replicated on the larger scale.

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