Turn It Off: How to Make Your Family More Eco-Friendly

eco-friendlyMany homeowners nowadays have taken extra measures to reduce their energy consumption through tasks ranging from shorter showers to installing solar panels on their roofs. While parents are well aware of the need to cut how much energy they consume, they often fail to include their children in these energy saving measures.

But kids, after all, are the reason parents try to lead greener lifestyles in the first place: every parent wants to make sure they leave behind a cleaner and safer planet for the next generation. Therefore, getting kids involved in cutting energy is a great way to ensure that they will be well-prepared for being responsible adults in the future.

This article will look at a few fun ways parents can get their kids involved in cutting energy.

Learn about energy at the library

Chances are that if a parent starts talking to their child about carbon emissions and Energy Star ratings, that child is quickly going to want to go back to watching Dora the Explorer. Energy, however, doesn’t have to be complicated and boring. The local library will have plenty of books geared towards kids that will teach them all about energy in a way that is fun and educational. Additionally, the internet is great resource for energy saving tips, with sites such as www.newyorkenergyrates.com offering many ways of reducing power consumption.

Energy Free Nights

Once a week parents should plan a night where the whole family makes it a game to use absolutely no electricity. Getting the kids involved in this can be fun and exciting, and it will also mean the family gets to spend extra time together. Kids and parents can play board games, go on hikes, or check out a local festival. The challenge of staying energy free can also be used as a game for young children.

The Shower Race

In order to save water, parents can institute a game with their kids over who takes the shortest amount of time in the shower. By turning showers into a race, children will be motivated to save energy and see environmentally friendly actions as fun and exciting. To further encourage them, parents could even offer their kids a prize for whoever finishes their shower the fastest.

Bike to School

Biking is a great way to not only stay healthy, but to also reduce one’s carbon footprint. Depending on the weather, parents should try biking with their kids to school every day. Biking is so much fun for most kids, they probably won’t even realize that they’re staying fit and helping the planet while they’re doing it.

Take on energy saving projects together

Kids love to help their parents around the house, and this natural curiosity should be used to teach kids more about energy and the environment. Allow children to help while installing weather strips or caulking windows. A lot of kids will even want to help hang up the laundry to dry, meaning not only will less energy be consumed, but these chores will go by a lot faster for parents, as well.

Creating an environmentally friendly home requires every member of the family to get involved. By teaching kids about how to save energy in a way that is both fun and educational, parents will not only be living a greener lifestyle, they’ll be saving on their energy bills, as well.

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