Top 5 Devices to Monitor Your Energy At Home

More people every year are looking for ways to save money on their energy bills; in fact Make It Cheaper suggests that 10% of the market switch every year to save money. However, if you’re on a fixed rate tariff, or the idea of switching doesn’t appeal, there are other ways to save on your energy bill.

Energy monitors and smart thermostats are starting to become increasingly popular with consumers in the energy industry. Devices like NEST and OWL have introduced controls that not only make it easier for you to control the amount of energy that you’re using, but they can also offer educated suggestions on additional savings that can be made based upon your previous usage.

To make the most out of your home energy savings, here are the five best energy monitors on the market to help you save more money on your energy bills.

EnviRENVIR – £49.99

The EnviR is a table top energy monitor that combines simple functionality with a large interface which is populated with an easy to read bar graph that lets you see a breakdown of your energy use with a glance. For a more detailed view of your usage, the interface also clearly displays figures in £’s, so you can see exactly how your efforts relate to your savings.

Sticking with simplicity, the EnviR is easy to set up and use – which is good for any technophobes. However, it’s awkward and clunky software seems counter intuitive to any efforts that make this device simple and easy to use. The EnviR is the perfect energy monitor for simply wants a device to tell them how much they are using and where they need to save.

HIVE – £199.00

HIVEThe HIVE marks an entrance into the energy monitoring market for British Gas. Boasting a whole host of helpful features, the HIVE quickly justifies its hefty price tag by including remote control of you energy through a smart phone app and even control of you hot water – a feature that is overlooked by many of the HIVE’s competitors.

However the HIVE is not without its flaws. Unfortunately British Gas customers do not get any special treatment for using the HIVE. It seems British Gas missed a trick by not integrating customers’ bills directly into the system. It also neglects some key features that are commonly found in other models on the market such as location detectors.

These short comings aside, it’s easy to see why the HIVE is so popular at the moment. It’s the perfect choice for any eco conscious gadget lover.

ENERGENO Wattson Classic – £139.99

EnergenoThe Wattson classic is certainly one of the more stylish models to make the list. Its designers deliberately made a bold statement so users would keep it as pride of place in their homes – a creative attempt to stop the monitor ending up in a draw.

But, the design isn’t just for aesthetics; it also carries through to its functionality. The user can pick the device up and change a variety of settings simply by tilting the product.

Another feature where design and functionality meet on the Wattson is the display. The simple display utilises colours to communicate your level of energy use, which means you can tell how much energy you’re using with a glance.

For any advocates of solar energy, the Wattson classic not only lets you monitor the energy that you’re using, but also the energy that you’re generating, which makes it the ideal choice for an eco-warrior.

EFERGY Elite Classic – £39.95

EfergyThe Efergy Elite Classic is the perfect all-rounder, offering functionality at a reasonable price. Standing as one of the most popular energy monitors on the market, the Elite Classic is simple to install and offers a clear and easy to read display.

To keep the cost down, there are no unexpected frills included with this model and its design leaves a lot to be desired, although it’s head and shoulders above the competition on price and ease of use.

It also has the added advantage of an easily expandable network, which is useful if you decide to monitor more specific areas of your house.

owl micro+OWL Micro+ – £29.99

The OWL Micro+ is rapidly growing in popularity in the energy monitoring market. Combining a simple to use energy monitor with an intuitive clod based software platform to analyse the data you collect, the OWL aims to save you money by educating you on how much energy you’re wasting.

The company have even included a platform to post and share your savings and an alarm that will warn the user when they begin to approach their predefined energy use limit. The OWL can also handle varying and economy 7 tariffs with ease, which is another feature that pushes head and shoulders above the competition.

NEST- £249.00

NESTYou can’t talk about home energy monitoring without mentioning Google’s high profile venture NEST. Designed by a formal Apple employee, NEST defines cutting edge technology when it comes to smart thermostats.

Offering greater control of your homes heating temperature through a handy interface and a smart phone app, NEST also combines a super sleek circular design with a faultless interface to make this the iPod of smart thermostats.

NEST is also packed full of features that help it learn and adapt to your homes heating schedule. Unfortunately, there is no escaping the hefty price, but if you’re looking for cutting edge technology to help you save money on your energy bills, then NEST is the perfect pick for you.

As you can see there are a number of alternatives available if you’re looking to save money on your home’s energy bills. The price of these devices is quickly off set by the savings that could be made. However, the most efficient way to save money is by making sure you’re on the right energy tariff.

For more information on what energy tariff you’re on, visit an energy comparison site like

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