Time To Find Some Environmental News

It’s difficult to change how we think. It’s much easier to go on our lives the easy way, not challenging our thoughts and actions. Real awareness challenges our personal, private thoughts and asks us to look at another way of thinking. It opens our mind to new ideas that can sometimes be difficult to get a grasp of.

There are many different awarenesses that come to us in our lives. Some of them are private, personal and are more about how we think about ourselves. Others are about things that are beyond ourselves, our front yards or even our nations. Let’s put on the hat of environmentalist even just as we seek to find sources of news that are beyond what most people ingest. Environmental news can help us begin the process of awareness of issues that face our locales and our Earth. Most of these news items and information will not be presented by standard news publishers so we will have to go out and find sources that we can trust and enjoy.

Why Environmental News?

If we hope to be solution finders in our lives, to have a positive impact on those around us and on the planet, we can start by adjusting how we think and challenge our current thoughts by taking in green news. If our thoughts begin to change, our behaviour will, at some point, follow and our way of life will be altered in a positive way. This type of change cannot be forced on us but by starting with our own minds, we can create long lasting benefit to ourselves and our environment.

News networks are designed to make money. This is why they choose which topics are worthy of headlines and/or time. They must attract viewers to give their advertisers a solid market. This is the purpose of what they do and it controls the news which is printed or broadcast. If we want to find out more about our environment, read environmental news that is meaningful and important, we likely will not find that in these normal news outlets.

Where to Find It

If you want to be in touch with local or global issues that relate to green news, then you will need to find a source of information that has their own stated bias-the environment. It’s simply their own focus. These news publishers are making up for the lack of information that comes from the big news agencies. They are presenting news that is important for their readers or listeners.

There are a huge assortment of news sources available to be read on the Internet. Start with the list at http://environment.about.com/od/activismvolunteering/tp/environews.htm and it will lead you to a handful of sources that will provide interesting and meaningful information for you.

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