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6 Clear Benefits Of Power Off The Grid

Benefits Of Living Off The GridThe shortage of energy, the rapid depletion of non-renewable resources, the increasing need for a steady electricity supply, and the day-by-day alerts about the environment are enough warnings that it is time we make a change. So, what shall we do?

For a start, have you considered making…

Living Off Power Grid: Are You Enjoying It Yet?

Off Grid LivingMore and more people have started to realize that you can enjoy today’s luxuries and the independence of living off power grid at the same time.  Living off the power grid means being just that – off the grid.  No power lines, no electric bills, and no…

Chickens Try Off Grid Living And Enjoy Year-Round Christmas

Chickens Go Off Grid And Enjoy Year-Round ChristmasWith energy prices soaring and environmental awareness improving, many are turning to renewable energy as the solution – even chickens are trying off grid living.

To fool the chickens into thinking it’s daytime and ensure they lay eggs all year round, farmers usually…

Getting The Green Energy Home Of Your Dreams

Green Energy Home

With all the improvements in green energy technology, it is now simpler than ever to begin adapting your house into a green energy home.  A green energy home makes use of renewable sources to supply hot water, electricity, heating and security.

There are a variety of methods to making your house a green energy…