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Swift Wind Turbine Silently Hits U.S. Shores

Swift Wind TurbineAfter having much success installing over 250 home wind turbines in Scotland, Cascading Engineering is bringing the Swift wind turbine to America and Canada.

The company that specializes in plastics, partnered with Swift’s Scottish designer, Renewable Devices, to install the revolutionary small wind turbine in the U.S. households.

What sets the…

Iowa Family Enjoys Wind Power Home

As wind turbines become more and more popular on farmlands in Iowa, there is an increasing demand for people to have their own wind power home turbine. And this is what the Skadow family of Polk County successfully did.

Since the beginning of last year, the Skadow’s decided to go green and turn…

The Anatomy Of Home Wind Turbine Design

Home Wind Turbine

When you think of wind turbine design, you most probably picture those vast wind farms with massive turbines spinning in unison. But what if we told you that it is now possible to have your own scaled down wind turbine at home?  Impossible? Definitely not. Affordable? If you know…

Home Wind Turbine Study Reveals Shocking Truth

According to a UK home wind turbine study, turbines are generating only a fraction of the power claimed by manufacturers, and some even use more power than they produce!  The results showed that the worst performers produced a mere 41 watt-hours per day – that’s less than what a household lightbulb uses in…

Got Wind Energy? Learn Which Wind Turbine Parts Are the Most Important And Why The Best Option Is Not Always To Go Cheap

We are all looking to save money in uncertain economic times. If you live in a high wind zone, adding wind power can be a beneficial add-on to lowering your home energy bill. However, buying an inexpensive wind power kit or cheap DIY parts to build your wind turbine may not cut your home energy bill as much as you would like.