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Your Green How To: Solar Power Solutions At Home

Solar Power Solutions At HomeEver since the birth of our planet, the sun’s energy has been used to bring life to earth.  And over the centuries man has employed this energy for a number of uses:

It has been used in horticulture to grow food in greenhouses, as natural lighting in ancient Roman temples…

Tap Into The Power of DIY Solar Energy and DIY Wind Power

Considering that the two most plentiful energy resources known to man, is solar energy and wind energy, it’s hardly surprising that homes and businesses can nowadays be powered solely in this manner. With solar panels or a wind power generator installed, practically every type of electrical appliance can be powered, including driers, water heaters, TV’s, computers, and even cooling systems.

Home Solar Power Owners Get Credit In 2009

If you are thinking of getting home solar power in 2009, then the good news is that the number of federal and state incentives for having an energy efficient home has never been greater. The bad, of course, is that many of us are strapped for cash or home equity…

Solar Power Systems: Are They Worth It?

Find out important facts about solar power systems and the various factors that make them so popular, in this article.

Learn About Solar Power And Its Applications

Understand the workings of solar power and understand how it can help us by coming in use in various energy generating applications.