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A Little Short on Cash?

Take a look at the energy saving ideas and new green products in this and the next few articles, and see how many you can use to save your hard earned cash. Then use the savings to fund a short vacation or a trip to Disneyland.

A Fascinating Green Living Project Inside The Uk

In Leeds, in the United Kingdom there’s a completely new way people are going green in this apartment complex known as the “Greenhouse” They are the most good for the environment apartments within the UK, giving off lower than 45% of carbon thats allowed under building regulations that were recently updated in 2010. The structure is loaded with lots of thermal solar panels upon the roof which heat the water for the inhabitants of the apartments and it also has an aquifer based 250ft underground which also has the ability to heat up water.

No-Fuss Green Living Meant For Metropolitan Residents

Everyone resides at this point on our only earth. We were all born here, all nurtured here and well all die here. Our little children and grandchildren will also spend their entire day-to-day lives here on earth. Undoubtedly these reasons single-handedly should encourage most individuals to live a eco-friendly lifestyle. The removal of forests and animal extinction are a few of the ways that we humans have harmed our earth. With the continual reminders of this issue in our newspapers and on our television sets, it’s a wonder that nothing substantial has been done about this before.

Tired of Giving Away Money to the Electric Company?

This article is the first in a list of practical things you can do to save money on your monthly electric bill. Get some new green products, and maybe use the extra money to pay for a little vacation.

Green Products Has Found a Low Cost Balloon Shaped Solar Design That Is Highly Efficient

You would not believe what we at Green Products found (and no they are not UFOs). Can you imagine a field planted with silver balloons as far as the eye can see, or a hillside covered with silver balls? It’s not Christo’s latest pop-art install, but rather, a solar farm. This is what Cool Earth out of Livermore, California envisions in the very near future. The solar collection concept is not new, but the concentrator is different from anything seen before on any renewable energy product.