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Ready, Set, Solar: What You Need to Know About Making Solar Panels at Home!

For someone with experience in DIY, building your own solar panels is an easy task. All you need are the materials and the resources from a kit as well as a few simple tools and basic components, and you’ll be putting together your own solar panels in no time.

Achieving Self Sufficient Living – A Better Way Of Life

Are you locked in the system? Tired of the rat race – struggling to pay the bills and just breaking even? If so, you’re not alone. There are many others who feel called to a simpler lifestyle, living off the land or even cutting free from the system by living off the grid. It might seem like an impossible dream, but it really is possible to live more in harmony with nature, have more family time and experience the joys of self sufficient living. If that appeals to you, keep reading to learn how a better way of life can be yours.

How to Get Your Kids Interested in Science

Learning science is not always easy for children. Often if it seems difficult, children will lose interest. Science is an essential area that will stay with children throughout their education, so it is important that they don’t lose interest while they are young. There are number of things one can do to get their kids interested in science.

Should I Buy a Hybrid Car to Save on Gas?

When you drive up to the gas station pump and fill your car up with $10-$70 worth of gas, you may find yourself heaving a long drawn out sigh. How on Earth did petrol get to be so expensive? Should you check out one of those new hybrid cars you saw on the television? Everyone’s talking about hybrid cars anyway. Hybrid cars and other types of cars may seem to be a good idea, but before you go out and do something rash, maybe you should ask yourself some basic questions about how you can start to save money on gas.

All About Hydro Power

Hydropower, as you may guess from the name, refers to the use of water to produce power. It is one of the oldest and most often used renewable energy sources, becoming popular when the paddle wheel was invented in the 1800s and accounts for almost 3/4 of the US renewable energy use today. Before of electric power was widely available, hydropower was used to power mills, textile machines and for irrigation.