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The Connected Green Collar Jobs Online

Green collar jobs are becoming the next big market for new graduates and job seekers. These jobs are dedicated to performing human friendly, earth friendly, and resource friendly tasks all at once. Finding environmentally friendly ways to continue heating homes, powering cars, and keeping the lights on are the most obvious and newsworthy of these green collar jobs.

How to Use Solar Power for Heat

We have grown accustomed to having heat at the push of a button. This heat though too often is generated through inefficient methods. A much more energy efficient,not to mention cost effective, way to heat our homes,schools, and businesses is to use solar power.Capturing heat from the sun can be done in several ways,even in the dead of winter.In order to harness the sun’s heat what is called a solar source is needed.A solar source is something that will attract the sun’s rays and trap the heat generated by them. A sun room is a good way to illustrate this.