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A Little Short on Cash?

Take a look at the energy saving ideas and new green products in this and the next few articles, and see how many you can use to save your hard earned cash. Then use the savings to fund a short vacation or a trip to Disneyland.

Alternative Energy

It’s no secret that our current methods of using fossil fuels for energy is harmful to the environment. Not only that but we are actually running out of deposit fuels and if we keep consuming energy at our current rate without replacing fossil fuels with a more renewable authority we will run out within the next 30 years and have no energy at all!

A Fascinating Green Living Project Inside The Uk

In Leeds, in the United Kingdom there’s a completely new way people are going green in this apartment complex known as the “Greenhouse” They are the most good for the environment apartments within the UK, giving off lower than 45% of carbon thats allowed under building regulations that were recently updated in 2010. The structure is loaded with lots of thermal solar panels upon the roof which heat the water for the inhabitants of the apartments and it also has an aquifer based 250ft underground which also has the ability to heat up water.

Renewable Energy From An Old Concept

When doing the research for a article on new green products, I was unaware of many of the different ways to convert the energy of the sun into electrical power. I have written about solar cell or photovoltaic cell systems, so let’s look at another type of solar energy system.

Reduce Monthly Electricity Costs on Lighting

If you want to save money on your power bills this DIY cut monthly electricity costs article is going to show you some great and practical ways. You could get yourself some new green products or even take you and your family on a mini vacation.