Pool Panels And Their Use

More and more homes around the world are using solar pool panels. They have become a way of heating a pool while using clean and efficient energy. This is safe on the environment and also very inexpensive. This is a great way to save money while heating your pool.

Why would you switch to solar pool panels?:

Electrical heaters are very expensive and sometimes are difficult to maintain. Using solar panels can save a lot of money, and the maintenance is very small. Once you pay the initial cost of the panel, the great energy savings will have it paying for itself while helping the environment.

How can solar panels heat my pool?:

Solar panels have been used since the 1950’s. Photovoltaic technology was first used then during the US space program. This technology captures solar radiation through panels or cells and transforms it into electrical current. The panels have greatly decreases in size and cost over time.

How much money can you save using solar pool panels?:

The savings can be fantastic. Depending on what country you live in, there are also rebates available. In the U. S. There is a federal government tax credit and rebate of up to 30% of the original cost. In the state of California, the rebate can be much greater than that. With these savings and the drastic decrease in your energy bill, the panels will be paid for within 1-2 years in some cases. The average bill can be decreased by 50-99% of the original energy cost of heating your pool.

What to do when you decide to go solar:

Find a quality solar pool panel sales company and talk to them directly. The internet is also a great way to educate yourself on pool panels and the company you are dealing with. Remember to measure the size of your pool so that the company knows what size of panel you are looking at using. Another good thing to do is to take photos of the area around your house and pool. This will give the company ideas on what your obstructions are and find the best way to place the panels. The cost savings will be incredible, and with the rebates and tax credits in some areas, you can pay for your pool panels in a short time with a lifetime of energy savings. Solar panels will allow you to go green while helping the environment and saving you money.

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