Nuclear Power Remains a Good Energy Option

Undoubtedly, the nuclear disaster in Japan has many in the United States wondering about nuclear power, and many are scared after seeing the recent media coverage. Still, as an energy option, the pros of nuclear power are simply stacked against both traditional, fossil fuel options as well as “clean energy” plants like wind farms.

If we shut down nuclear power plants, they would have to be replaced by fossil fuel plants that emit large amounts of carbon dioxide. This is already taking place in Germany, where seven nuclear plants have already been shut down for “evaluation” after the events in Japan. As a result, coal will fill the gap until the nuclear plants are put back on line.

It would be a shame for the United States to be scared away from nuclear power due to what has happened in Japan. If we were to shut down some of our own nuclear power plants or eliminate nuclear power as an option, that electricity would have to come from plants that burn fossil fuels and thus emit tons of pollution compared to nuclear power. Clean energy options simply aren’t developed or efficient enough to take up the slack and, especially with wind power, take up much more land than other types of power plants.

It is also important to remember that the nuclear power plants in Japan survived the 9.0 earthquake and were only hampered by the tsunami waters and the resulting lack of electrical power for the pumps that cool the reactors. The Fukushima reactors are also more than forty years old. Since the 1960s, reactor design has improved drastically, especially when it comes to safety.

This is not to say that nuclear energy is not without its drawbacks, but when compared to other energy sources, it really does come out on top. Plants that burn coal and other fossil fuels pollute much more than nuclear plants, and alternative energies simply aren’t ready for us to depend on them.

Does nuclear power scare you?? Read more here.

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