Lower Energy Costs Results In Higher Revenues

The statement of lower energy costs higher profit margins is an accurate argument. With our economy slowing down in the past few years, now is certainly the time to learn how to lower our utility bills the best way we can. Regrettably, property owners do not have absolute control in charging higher rental rates lower their overhead costs. Due to the economic slowdown, property owners are pushed to reduce their rental rates. And in this economic situation, solar heating tubes are an excellent capital investment for real estate investors.

In property lease contracts where water and heating charges are considered as part of the lease contract, solar heating tubes offer the chance for owners of rental properties to significantly lower bills they incur by providing these services. Installing solar heating tubes can be done rapidly and efficiently without inconveniencing the tenants. Pursuing this course of action can be good for increasing revenues from a real estate investment due to lower energy costs.

In 2008, the usual money spent to heat the average commercial office in the United States was $28,000. Prices of utilities gave no indications of depreciating in the immediate future. Hence, the answer would be to either increase rental rates when the period comes for contract renewal; or seek ways to significantly lower energy costs. The second choice not only insures occupancy, but it also puts some of the money (that would have been allocated to heating and providing hot water to tenants, back into the commercial office building owner’s pocket.

How much money can be spared by installing solar heating tubes? This depends primarily on how much investment the property owner is willing to make. Of course, more solar heating tubes translate to more hot water (in this case, getting into hot water isn’t a bad option). In being more aggressive, the property owner can better position himself to capitalize on the other economic benefits of solar energy aside from heating water; which is being able to produce their own electricity to reduce their total energy costs.

Supplying the commercial property with airconditioning can be costly as well. To offset some of these costs; roof space that otherwise would be serving no purpose, can be used as an installation area for additional solar panels. In effect, the real estate owner can lower their electric power costs all year round by using the electricity they themselves produced to power the water pumps needed for the water to be circulated throughout the solar heating tubes.

Again, an aggressive solar energy plan will produce higher money savings almost instantly. Each building whether commercial, residential or industrial has different energy requirements that have to be met. But no matter what the size, or design of the property to be constructed or retrofitted, it is possible to attain lower energy costs through the utilization of solar heating tubes, solar electric power, and wind generated electric power, or even a combination of all three solar alternatives. Obtaining a fair project estimate from a qualified expert is a sensible idea. Technology in the alternative energy field is evolving at an accelerated pace. The contractor you select needs to actively follow the advances in the industry, so he can better advise you on the most efficient and latest customized solar energy solution, to help you achieve lower energy costs and higher revenues.

Craig Axelrod is VP of Business Development for Emmy Energy, a NY clean energy operation installing solar heating tubes & solar panel systems throughout the North East.

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