Living Off Power Grid: Are You Enjoying It Yet?

Off Grid LivingMore and more people have started to realize that you can enjoy today’s luxuries and the independence of living off power grid at the same time.  Living off the power grid means being just that – off the grid.  No power lines, no electric bills, and no reliance on the utility grid at all.  Not only is living off the power grid environmentally safe and economical, but it is an alternative open to just about anyone owning a property.

The idea of living off the power grid applies to any home worldwide, even those connected to the grid.  From solar energy, hydro-electric power, biofuels and windmills, there is an increasing interest in living off the power grid and cutting loose from traditional power plants.  The technologies have improved and the costs have declined tremendously.

It is now even possible for motivated individuals to get off the grid, thanks to various kits, resources and instruction manuals available.  As energy needs intensify around the world, those living off the grid can be at ease, knowing their energy expenses are decreasing.

Living off the power grid can be daunting for some who think they will have to sacrifice their favorite items and electric devices to enjoy such freedom.  But this is not true at all.  Off grid living is basically about learning to control your use of energy.  It can be as easy as turning off lights that are not being used or buying appliances that don’t use electricity when not in use – such as clocks on stoves.  Leaving computers and televisions – actually anything with a little light – on standby is a typical energy waster.  Rather turn them off, or better yet, unplug them completely.  Becoming part of off grid living, does not always mean sacrificing everything, but simply using electricity wisely.

Living off the power grid has become so popular that even movable high efficiency homes are now being built to meet the demand.  Very similar to mobile homes, these one or two person houses use solar panels, solar heating and some natural gas to provide portable off grid living.

If living off the power grid is something you are interested in, but first need some convincing success stories then begin your research on the Internet.  There are loads of fantastic resources available and stories of people who have embraced off grid living with much success.  Just imagine – no more blackouts, no more utility bills, complete independence.  Off power grid living is available for anybody and you too can enjoy it regardless of where you live.

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