Living The Green Life – 5 Ways to Get Started

5 ways to go greenWe think we know everything that goes on in the world, but there is a lot we don’t have a clue about. You’re always bombarded with messages about the environment being destroyed and being told you are at fault.

How do they know? They can use their scientific tools and come up with these ideas, but there is nothing to say the environment wasn’t destroying itself before we started drilling for oil and pumping harmful gasses into the air.

If you’re a cynic you might think that is a good reason to ignore them. Maybe you’d be happy to go on with your life without caring about looking after our planet.

If you do realize that we could even be causing a little of the problems then you might be extremely happy to start helping out. There are billions of people on the planet, but it’s only a small percentage of us who are doing all the damage. It’s our job to make sure we change and you should start from now.

Some things might take you a little time to get used to, but once you start living green it’s easy to keep going. Everyone needs to start somewhere, so take a look at some of these suggestions and try to slowly add them into your life.

Erect a portable greenhouse

Supermarkets seem amazing to the untrained eye. They stock huge amounts of food at cheap prices. That is what you see, but what goes unnoticed is the transportation that delivers everything you buy. They don’t plant fruit around the back of the supermarket. Grow your own and it won’t really change much, but when there are lots of people growing their own fruit and vegetables it means there are one or two less gas guzzlers on the road.

Get yourself a bicycle

There are a few places around the world where everyone has a bicycle. It’s more normal than having a car. I’m sure they don’t cycle huge distances, but how many times do you jump in the car every week when you only have to travel a few minutes down the road? For most people it’s a regular occurrence and something that doesn’t need to happen. Not when you could jump on your bike and get fit at the same time. You’re being rewarded with a tight body for saving the environment.

Stop heat from escaping

Heat doesn’t like staying inside and it always wants to escape. There’s going to be lots of places inside your home where it’s going to get out. Even if you don’t close your windows it’s still going to escape through the cracks in the side, even if you can’t see them. You probably pay a lot of money to warm your home, so stop letting it escape because you only have to use more energy to replace the lost heat.

Use solar something

There are lots of ways you can use solar energy to run your home. There are expensive options like putting panels on your roof, and then you have some cheaper options like lights for in the garden. Each one is amazing and you should think about implementing as many of them as possible. They can absorb energy from the sun and turn it into other forms of energy. It means you don’t use as much normal electricity and your energy bill will go down.

Use your washing machine sparingly

Do you have any idea how much it costs you to wash your clothes? It’s a lot of money per wash. Try not to wash anything unless the machine is full. You’ll always have something to wear, so resist the temptation to throw in your favorite shirt when you want to wear it the next day. Most of the energy to power a washing machine is for heating up the water. Try buying some cold-water detergent and wash single items in cold water instead if you are desperate.

This article was provided by Gemma Hastings. Gemma is a solar panel expert who provides information related to solar panel grants.

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