Lengthen Your Pool Season With Solar Swimming Pool Heating Solutions

Who would rather dive in heated water than freezing water? A lot of us want to warm our swimming pools without skyrocketing our electricity payments. In the past, this isn’t possible, but now that we have the solar energy system, we can have heated water in our pool without paying for soaring electricity bills.

An insulated cover or solar swimming pool cover is one of the most cost effective ways of warming the water in your swimming pool. Furthermore, you can enjoy swimming in a warm water pool and still save on the next energy bill.

As you know, most of the conventional water heaters will lead to higher electricity consumption. if you’re using a generator, the fuel usage for something like pool heating could be more than you can handle.

A solar pool heater is a great way to provide your family with heated water for swimming every day of the year. You can simply set up the solar panels, and get something like an insulated water reservoir to keep your water warm.

Some homeowners take it one step further. They harness electrical energy from the sun and store it in batteries for use later. Sometimes, sunlight is not as plentiful, and so you can use the stored energy to heat your pool water until the time when solar energy can be converted into heat again.

A solar swimming swimming pool warmer isn’t expensive if you consider the savings. It is also easy to install. Practically priced solar water heaters are numerous, and there are many designs to choose from. Solar panels can also provide visual value to your backyard. Moreover, your pool will continue to have warm water all year.

But before you think about setting up a solar water heater, you must first think about your home’s design and where you are going to set up the unit. Do you have the space to accommodate such an apparatus? The best places to mount this is your porch roof or your backyard fence. As long as your kids and your pets will not be able to play with the solar panels, you can mount them anywhere.

Do not compare the solar water heater with conventional heaters when it comes to the promptness of heating up water. Solar water heaters will heat up your pool water at a slower pace compared to those operated by electrical power.

But when you get the water warmed up, you can stock up the warm water in an insulated tank and allow the solar rays to heat the water up to 80 degrees.

For northern countries, it is best to set up the unit facing southward. Consider the overall design of your home if you decide to install your panels.

Despite the setbacks, solar water heaters are still the most excellent alternative as far as savings are concerned. You don’t get charged for the energy you use to heat your swimming pool water, and you’re helping save the planet in the process.

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