Is Solar Panels Electricity Widely Acceptable?

According to the Energy Information Administration in 2006 around 86 percent of this planet’s primary energy production was powered by fossil fuels. This fact alone showed us that despite of the advanced technology we are using in this modern era we are still depending on the non-renewable energy that took millions of years to form. Our nature provides renewable energy resources like geothermal, solar and wind but their contribution was less than 1 percent only.

Why are not people interested in using these green energy resources? Name solar energy, for example. You can find a wide range of its application but most of us seem neglecting it. To understand this issue better we have to put together all pros and cons of the solar technology itself.

It is a fact that solar energy is free, we won’t need to worry about its availability because it can be found in most of places around the globe. Let us start with this pro.

Solar panels also produce electricity quietly because there are no moving parts involved in the energy conversion process. When there is no fossil fuels burned there will be zero pollution emitted as well. Think of how much we can save money and at the same time keep our earth green.

Have you ever heard about net metering policy? In some states you can receive credits for unused solar electricity. If the solar generator produces electricity more than what you need the remainder electricity will be collected by the grid where the system is tied to. When you send electricity back to the grid it will drive the meter backwards. Should the solar produces less electricity the grid can back it up so your household will always have enough supply of electricity.

OK, now let’s look at the main con. Solar energy is free but you need to spend an initial cost to process the energy. Be prepared to buy parts such as solar panels, inverter, solar charge controller and batteries if you prefer to have it off-grid plus other accessories needed. This is not a small amount of money and normally the electricity generated can pay the initial cost back after some years since its initial day.

The other drawback of the system is the performance. Solar panels will generate maximum output in full sun. The performance will be reduced by clouds or during winter. Because the panels are mounted outdoors the glass cover is exposed to dirt and pollutants accumulation as well. You have to periodically check and clean it when needed to have better sunlight absorption. The solar panels also need some space, the bigger watt you need the more space they will occupy your land. The best place to mount them is your roof so please look for this possibility.

While the electricity generating process emits no pollution using solar batteries to store the electricity may harm the environment because they are toxic. Please refer to your local regulation for batteries disposal.

Solar panels electricity is one of the most possible energy in the future but hoping it to totally phase out the fossil fuels will still take years to materialize. However you shouldn’t be pessimistic because solar cell technology has been improved a lot and we can expect soon the solar kits and installation cost will be more affordable. The fossil fuels is depleting and we must choose other alternatives which are friendly to the environment and at the same time are provided free by nature. Maybe right now it is not a good solution for everybody but if you are living out there without power lines this can be your perfect solution.

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