Is It Time For Solar Powered Battery Chargers?

Have you given any thought to solar powered battery chargers? You may be surprised at what you find out.


You have a completely free energy source. The cost to operate you charger will be zero. This also means that it does not affect the environment in a bad way. The cost is not a prohibitive factor. Many units sell for as low as ten dollars. There is very little to go wrong or break down with this solar appliance. You should get years of service.

No one wants to be without electric power for days on end. You might consider a backup plan, in case that occurs. That plan can include a way to recharge your batteries without house electricity. Then you can have use of your cell phone. You can also see at night with your flash light and listen to the radio.


Some of the inexpensive models will not recharge very quickly. If you want faster, you have to pay for it. A one watt charger is considerably cheaper than a four watt. Even the more powerful units may not be as rapid as you like. Moreover, less sunny climates may not be a good place for this type of unit.

A big variety

There are a lot of uses for solar household chargers. Everything from flashlights to cameras will fit into the category.

There are also models made for your car, truck, or recreational vehicle. Some of these are simple to use. You plug them into a cigarette lighter socket. After that, you simply set them on the dash. However, most of these units are not meant to jump start your vehicle. Plus, you will not get a rapid recharge, in most cases. The higher wattage units will give you the better performance.

Make sure the unit has a blocking diode. This will prevent damage by not allowing electricity to flow back into the charger. Not all of the models will automatically shut off when fully charged. If this is the case, caution needs to be exercised. Overcharged batteries may present a hazard.

Most of the chargers mentioned here are portable. However larger ones for purposes like powering houses will be stationary. Upfront cost is usually a huge consideration for a solar powered house. Most people may not consider it within their budget.

In closing

Solar powered battery chargers are a good choice for emergency situations. They will work well in areas that get a lot of sunshine. It costs nothing to run them. They are very kind to the environment. The portable models do not cost a lot of money. It will probably take longer for them to do their job. However, they could be a very valid option.

For out more about solar powered battery chargers check out these solar mobile phone chargers.

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