Invest In A New Energy Option With A Ground Source Heating System

Ground source heating systems transfer heat back and forth from the earth with pumps in order to maintain a typical, enjoyable interior temperature. The earth maintains a constant temperature, regardless of the time of year, and that power can be transported into a proper cooling and heating source. These kinds of systems are cost efficient methods to supply heating and hot water sources to commercial and residential properties.

Ground source heating systems are energy as well as cost efficient ways to supply hot water, cooling and heating to residential and commercial properties. Ground source heating systems use geothermal heat pumps to transport heat to and from the ground towards the centralized heating system. The earth in the united kingdom retains a temperature between 12 degrees C to 16 degrees C, and that heat can very easily be transformed into a comfortable living or working atmosphere if you use a ground source heat system. Because these types of systems rely much more on the dependable power of the planet and not as much on oil and gas, their customers find themselves saving substantial amounts on their energy bills.

Advantages for Residential Customer

Ground source heating systems provide a lot of monetary benefits to customers while at the same time providing them with a reliable heating and cooling source. After installing one of these heating systems, you will immediately feel alleviation in your household energy expenses. Customers who switched from utilizing oil and/or gas as their primary source of heating have saved around 70% on their monthly power costs. As for the initial investment of installing a ground source heating system, grants provided by the government are obtainable through the Clear Skies Plan. These systems depend on geothermal energy, which is clean and safe; odourless, withour a flame and quiet. Customers won’t have to work to perform maintenance on their heating systems, and most offer a great warranty deal. Even when your home has already been equipped with under-floor or radiator heating devices, your current system can be modified to work seamlessly with a ground source system. The ideal way to beat rising energy costs is to harvest the planet’s power to cool and heat your house and hot water.

Benefits for Commercial Customers

Ground source heating systems provide commercial customers with a number of tax and financial advantages, while providing their place of business with an effective heating and cooling system. Usually, your company can get tax credit for installing ground source heating systems through the Enhanced Capital Allowances plan. In addition, these heating systems generally exceed the government’s 10 % renewable energy plan (Merton Rule). Installing this particular technology into your place of work will be cost efficient as well, as the British Gas consortium makes money available as grants from the DTI Low Carbon Building Programme. Ground source heating systems are extremely efficient and have been proven to reduce utility bills for business customers, while maintaining impeccable maintenance records.

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