The Growth of Renewable Energy in Northern UK

The rapid growth of Scotland’s renewable energy sector has attracted many plaudits, and with over £300 million invested and 2,500 jobs created it’s certainly deserved. In fact at least another £6 million is going to be pushed into wind energy alone.

However Scotland isn’t doing this all by themselves a recent report called “Renewables Investments and Jobs” has illustrated that over £2.46 billion has been invested in the UK renewable industry so far and it could boost the job market as well by nearly 12,000 jobs up and down the country.

Yet even though Scotland seems to be getting all the headlines there’s another part of the country quietly working away and it’s actually received a whopping £470 million for its renewable projects; wind turbines, hydroelectricity and solar panels to name a few. Yes the renewable industry is certainly booming in Yorkshire.

In comparison to everywhere else in the UK, Yorkshire has seen has seen a fantastic amount of investment in their renewable energy sector. Especially when you compare it to the £155 million that Northern Ireland received and the £116 million that was invested in East Midlands. Yorkshire received nearly double those figures added together!

The Energy Secretary for the UK Chris Huhne, said: “Renewable energy is not just helping us increase our energy security and reduce our emissions. It is supporting jobs and growth across the country, and giving traditional industrial heartlands the opportunity to thrive again.”

Renewable energy has been like a shining knight in the war against climate change with many people happy to get involved and do their part. The benefit of renewables is that they can take advantage of natural energy sources using equipment like solar panels, heat pumps and wind turbines. The equipment can then take; the heat from the sun or wind in the air and convert it to electricity and heat. Truly amazing!

The reason for Northern regions getting so much investment seems to be mainly down to their more rugged terrain and often changing weather conditions which suit the naturally powered renewable energy gathering devices. However it’s not just the landscape and weather that brings the investors, it is the open arms with which they’re met by the officials in charge.

The massive amount of investment in some northern areas from renewable energy suppliers and overseas has seen a real change in their fortunes with booming micro-economies and revitalized towns it’s no wonder officials are doing all they can to make the investors feel welcome.

This guest post was written by Ross Wilson.

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