Great Resources On The Key Reason Why The United States Is Actively Playing Catch-Up When Considering Solar Panels

It certainly is fascinating to take a look all over the world to determine just how governments are beginning to boost their investment in technology. This is particularly the case whenever you are looking at the field of energy. There is no need to even point out just how essential energy generation and transmission is in our lives, as we just can’t do without it, at this time. However we nevertheless seem to be taking a really passive stance with regards to searching for alternative types of energy, the ones that don’t depend on fossil fuel removal.

Frequently, whenever we are searching for developments when it comes to investment in brand new technology we start looking at the USA. America is, in the end, symbolic of this kind of investment, even though it is fascinating to observe just how the USA has essentially slipped behind the remainder of the world with regards to the solar energy industry.

Back in 1995, the United States manufactured almost 50% of the world’s solar panels. This seemed especially appropriate as the country, overall, has a fairly temperate climate and a significant portion of the continent is in the subtropical zone. However, today their market share has slipped drastically and is now estimated to be just 7%. Consequently, it’s interesting to see that the present government is now investing some $60 million in a project called Sun Shot. This is intended to give grants and incentives to the private sector, universities and laboratories to focus on new and exciting technology associated with the world of solar PV.

Whilst the United States may well want to reassert its dominance in the solar industry, the rest of the world is also pressing ahead. Many nations throughout the European Union are leading the way when it comes to grants and incentives associated with PV panels.

Homeowners are beginning to look in increasing numbers at these options, as it becomes more and more affordable and cost-effective for them to do so. Now, technology being what it is, PV panels are available in very practical considerations, designed to fit without being too obtrusive on the typical home.

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