Government Rebates For The Energy Ball V200

Electric producing wind turbines, from the Netherlands, are a provocative creation of clean and renewable energy for any homeowner. The Netherlands has for centuries counted on wind power, for centuries using the advancements of their windmills to provide efficiency and improved productivity on farms and manufacturing facilities.

Now, in the modern age of conservationism, wind turbines are a powerful source of power for just about any homeowner or business owner. The most obvious incentive for someone to think about a turbine, such as the Energy Ball v200, is to reduce their dependence on traditional power companies that provide electricity to their home or business. While one wind turbine can make up to 2,500 watts of electricity at any given time, this isn’t enough to run a house, but it will minimize the need for an outside source of electricity.

Many power companies have sliding scales to figure out how much a consumer will pay for the electricity consumed. When someone consumes more, the elevated rates of the electricity. Watching less television is one way to conserve electricity and help manage monthly bills, but this is only going to go so far. At some point, we reach the tipping point where the only left to cut would be the items we need, such as lights in the room we’re working in.

The ideal follow up then would be to create your own source of power in your home or office. The Energy Ball v200, for example, is a great solution for this notion. The more smooth and artistically designed, the turbine, the more energy it can produce with less noise. This supplement your power intake which will then require less from the power companies. over the long-term, the savings can really add up to hundreds, even thousands of dollars every year.

Conserving income is certainly one enticement many people look for when thinking about purchasing an item, but they often fail to consider the long-term benefits of that savings, especially when the up front costs seem high. Government programs can pick up here where other programs leave off.

A unit like the Energy Ball v200 may cost around $20,000 to set up, but in New York State alone, varying by county, the tax incentives and subsidies the utility offers can could potentially cover up to 80% or more of the cost, meaning that you may actually only spend $2,000 – $4,000 on the unit in the end. If you think about the money you’ll save during the first few years alone and the unit easily pays for itself, incentives or tax breaks or not.

Of course, money isn’t the only thing to gain by getting a large portion of your energy from a renewable source. By using wind power, which is also replenishing, it produces no emissions, and doesn’t rely on limited fossil fuels or nuclear power to make. You can help the environment by minimizing what is known as your carbon footprint while you keep money in your pocket with wind power.

Craig Axelrod is VP of Business Development for Emmy Energy, a LI solar energy business delivering solar heating tubes solar electric panels & clean products throughout the Northeast.

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