Going Green – A Foot in the Right Direction for New Business?

green-businessPreservation of the environment is paramount – no question. Anything we as individuals can do to make sure our bit is done is a positive action.

But what about our working life? How can even subtle changes here make a difference? And what benefits are there for the new business owner in going green?

Bottom line

It’s an obvious statement to make but businesses are primarily in existence to make money. Without this, there’s no business. But going green can increase the company’s bottom line from the outset.

This works by influencing like-minded customers to try your company. Tap into the beliefs of prospective punters with similar values and you could find a whole load of new business winging its way in your direction.

Green PR

Making your green strategy part of your marketing campaign is the easiest way to convey this message to the public and a clever way to attract custom.

Subscribing to a green charity, making a regular donation and then shouting about it is a way of getting the public on your side. It’s a method that works while doing some good at the same time.

Low cost energy

Companies that go green are not only helping the environment, they’re also saving cash by not racking up such large energy bills.

Businesses with previous massive carbon emissions have saved literally millions by decreasing the amount of rubbish they pump into the atmosphere.

Smaller setups can make a real difference by making sure no electrical appliances are left on standby and lights are turned off – all simple things to achieve. This also keeps overheads low, which is always welcome.

Staff welfare

A healthier workplace for your employees is a great way to boost productivity and lessen the amount of sick days taken, while at the same time benefitting the environment.

Achieving this can be done by offering organic food selections in the company canteen or vending machines, and when it comes to cleaning products they should be environmentally friendly so you know they’re not harming the planet – nor your staff.

Greener choices

A recent online survey (http://www.entrepreneur.com/blog/223377) of businesses found that, out of the companies asked, many found becoming environmentally friendly isn’t without challenges and a big concern is the cost of going green.

Most businesses cited recycling as the easiest way of achieving greener practices with 61% of those interviewed making an effort to be actively greener.

Reducing waste, buying energy efficient and/or recycled products, sourcing non-toxic cleaning materials and reducing water usage are all ways that can be adopted and will help achieve the end goal of being a green company.

Nobody says being green is easy, but there are ways to achieve an environmentally friendly result. If some thought is given to the processes you want to adopt then you can use your green credentials to attract that much needed business while making the planet a better place to be.

In any event, the environment needs our help and we should all be doing as much as we can to achieve this – at home and at work.

This article was brought to you by Donald Parfew. Donald works at LAM Office, a used furniture recycler and supplier, based in Portsmouth, UK. Using recycled office furniture is a great step towards a business going green and saving money in the process.

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