Getting The Green Energy Home Of Your Dreams

Green Energy Home

With all the improvements in green energy technology, it is now simpler than ever to begin adapting your house into a green energy home.  A green energy home makes use of renewable sources to supply hot water, electricity, heating and security.

There are a variety of methods to making your house a green energy home.  The first is solar power.  In your green energy home you could put in a solar heating system to heat and store water for use, and put in photovoltaic solar panels to convert the sun’s energy into electricity. If you bought and had these systems installed by a specialist they could be rather expensive. However, there are numerous resources and guides available to make your own solar panel and hot water systems that are much more affordable.

If your house is still being built, a good way to make it a solar energy home is to employ passive solar design during construction. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, this means making use of the south-facing sides of your home for heating and cooling.  By putting in many light-efficient windows and heat regulating bricks on the south-facing side, these passive solar techniques help make your house into a green energy home.

Another method is making use of a windmill at home.  Windmills are driven by the wind to generate electricity and even pump water from an outside source.  Wind turbines can be fixed on your rooftop or in your yard to produce clean electric power.  Like solar panels, domestic windmills can be bought and installed commercially, but that costs a lot of money. So, in recent times a wide selection of affordable sets have been made available for people to make their own wind turbines and install their own green energy home plans.

Another way to add efficiency to your green energy home is to utilize a nearby stream and produce hydro-electric power.  This is a fantastic pollution-free alternative that requires low maintenance and works as long as the stream is running.

The ultimate green energy home combines all of these renewable energy sources.  By utilizing the power of the wind, water and sun to produce electricity you would enjoy not only massive savings and potential profits from your electricity consumption, but also largely decrease your carbon footprint. By combining solar heating systems and passive solar design into your green energy home, your need for energy from traditional sources (fossil fuels) would decrease considerably and you would be living the going green dream.

What’s nice is a green energy home does not require any more maintenance than conventional houses. Solar technologies need little maintenance and wind and water generators need only occasional oiling for optimal efficiency.  There is no better time than now to start your green energy home project and live a green life off the grid.

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