DIY Wind Power – Enjoy Time Tested Savings

In light of the fact that you found this article you are no doubt serious about employing DIY wind power to provide electricity for your home. The wind is a natural occurring phenomena which is actually created by the sun. Residential wind turbines have become incredibly popular over the past decade around the world and will continue to rise in popularity as we now complete the first decade of the 21st century.

Wind power and solar panels are becoming a more and more popular option among home owners. People are becoming aware of the beneficial nature of this type of energy. Not only is it a continuously renewable resource but it does not harm the environment and leaves no carbon footprint. Natural energy generation is the responsible energy option and as technology advances it becomes more feasible for the average person.

DIY Wind Power and How it Works

Whether you refer to wind power generators as turbines or windmills matters little. The two names are pretty much synonymous. Wind power generators, or turbines, or windmills if you prefer, have blades that rotate by the power of the wind and that turning motion, or torquing of the axis captures the energy that is converted into electricity.

The spinning of the blades is what is known as kinetic energy. Kinetic is simply another way of saying physical. The kinetic energy then spins the blades and the energy is collected by the motion generated from the wind. Simply put, the faster the blades spin, the more energy is generated. In the case of a home wind generator, that energy is collected and stored in a battery and can be tapped at any time when an electrical power source is needed.

Save Money on Energy Costs with DIY Wind Power

There are a lot of variables in the equation as to how much money you can save using DIY wind power, but the bottom line is that you will save money. How much is determined by how much wind you have and how efficiently it is captured.

Fortunately, it is not very expensive at all to build your own wind power system. Using parts purchased at a local home improvement store, you can build your own home made wind powered generator for less than $200 in materials. Furthermore, you dont need a lot of construction or building skills to build it. Almost anyone can take on this do-it-yourself project with success.

Power Needs of the Average Home

One of the big concerns of anyone considering the DIY wind power option wonders how much energy they need to produce and what is required to produce it. Most homes use approximately 100,000KWH of electricity a year. An average home use wind turbine will generate between 5 and 15W of electricity which is plenty for most homes. An additional advantage is that if you do create more electricity than you use, most power companies will buy it from you thus generating an additional source of revenue for you.

On the performance and maintenance side of things homemade wind turbines can make a bit of noise as the wind whistles through the blades but it is certainly nothing that overpowers. Because there are moving parts you will also want to lubricate them on a regular basis to keep your windmill running smoothly. It is suggested that you use PVC as opposed to wood because it it is more durable and lasts much longer.

As stated before, constructing your own DIY wind power is not difficult. It is a project that can be handled by just about anyone that is enthusiastic enough to take it on. It can actually be quite enjoyable… and very fulfilling.

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