Deep Cycle Batteries Offer Environmentally Friendly, Efficient Power

Thanks to increasing interest in reducing carbon footprint and lessening dependence on fossil fuels, the reliable, cost-efficient deep cycle battery is being utilized in more and more environmentally friendly applications. If you’ve heard of these batteries before, you probably are familiar with their use in storing energy generated by solar panels. These highly versatile power sources are cleaner than regular batteries, and they also last longer and require less maintenance. Examining how batteries work can reveal how deep cycle batteries are enhancing today’s green tech and alternative energy movement.

While all batteries are energy storage, not energy creation, devices, seep cycle batteries and starter batteries are different because of their purposes. A starter battery provides a huge surge of energy to start a car engine. The car’s alternator then recharges the battery for the next time it is needed. This is perfect for starting cars, but not for equipment that needs a long, steady charge. A deep cycle battery is designed to do just that. It releases power consistently over a longer period of time and can use up to 80% of its stored energy between charges. This means it can provide power for a longer time, and gives it much greater versatility for use in green applications.

Deep cycle batteries are often used in conjunction with solar panels. During a sunny day, solar panels power electrical equipment. Excess energy is stored in these batteries, and then the batteries can use their stored energy to provide power while the sun is down. This is also applicable in other technologies like power generation with wind turbines, and solves the problem of intermittent power generation from these natural sources.

Another advantage of using deep cycle batteries is their durability. The fact that they distribute power slowly over time makes them efficient and versatile. They can be used to power small residences or recreational vehicles the same way traditional power methods work. They last for years, making them a good investment over other types of power. Also, thanks to dropping battery technology prices, high efficiency models that require almost no maintenance are becoming more and more affordable.

Due to all these factors, deep cycle batteries are replacing gasoline-powered generators at ever increasing rates. And since they work so well with solar panels, they afford two bonuses – they make using a renewable resource more convenient by storing power while making many forms of fossil fuel power less desirable.

In the past, fossil fuels have powered everything from the lights in your home to the lights in your car. Increasing oil prices and increasing environmental issues have made us all look for better options that save both our pocketbooks and the environment. This is why deep cycle batteries are seeing increasing application in planes, cars, trains and much more. Thanks to their versatility, economy and environmental friendliness, deep cycle batteries are poised to play an important role in powering our greener world for years to come.

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