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How Solar Market Growth Has Helped the US Economy

One basic principle holds true for every industry in every nation. When any industry grows, the economy benefits and currently this can make a big difference. Energy policies and initiatives in the United States once worked against the development of renewable energy industries. Powerful oil lobbies in Washington exerted their influence to hold back innovations […]

How to Use Solar Panels to Power Your White Goods

Solar panels can be used to help power your white goods. Solar power involves the use of photovoltaic panels installed on homes, which convert light into electricity. This electricity can then be converted for use within different appliances, and can also be stored up, or sold back as surplus energy to the Government. An average […]

Add Value To Your Home With Renewables

With the housing boom well and truly over, anyone who wants or needs to sell their home will need to ensure they are getting the best possible price for it. Long gone are the days when a house with the bare basics would be snapped up at an over-inflated price. These days you need to […]

Toyota Introduces Car Solar Power

TOKYO – The Toyota Motor Corporation recently revealed their new project to the public, where they plan to harness car solar power. They secretly started developing the solar power car in an effort to improve its struggling business.

However, according to The Nikkei newspaper, it will be years before the vehicle hits…

The Benefits of Home Power Solar LED Lights

Home power solar LED lights are the latest in solar power products to hit the market. By being free of relying on traditional electricity sources, these modern lights are a dream for designers when it comes to outdoor lighting…