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6 Clear Benefits Of Power Off The Grid

Benefits Of Living Off The GridThe shortage of energy, the rapid depletion of non-renewable resources, the increasing need for a steady electricity supply, and the day-by-day alerts about the environment are enough warnings that it is time we make a change. So, what shall we do?

For a start, have you considered making…

Living Off Power Grid: Are You Enjoying It Yet?

Off Grid LivingMore and more people have started to realize that you can enjoy today’s luxuries and the independence of living off power grid at the same time.  Living off the power grid means being just that – off the grid.  No power lines, no electric bills, and no…

10 Easy Ways You Can Make a Real Difference to Save Your Planet

Can one person change the world? Maybe not, but together we can make small changes that combined can have a positive and long-lasting impact on the environment. What greater legacy for our children and grandchildren than the preservation of this miraculous planet that we are privileged to call home? Here are ten top tips to […]

Types Of Renewable Energy Explored

Renewable Energy SolutionsBefore the world reaches it’s much anticipated energy crisis, we need to lower our reliance on non-renewable sources of power, and start producing different types of renewable energy on a large scale.

So what exactly is renewable energy?  Well, as the name implies, it is energy that can be…

Turn It Off: How to Make Your Family More Eco-Friendly

Many homeowners nowadays have taken extra measures to reduce their energy consumption through tasks ranging from shorter showers to installing solar panels on their roofs. While parents are well aware of the need to cut how much energy they consume, they often fail to include their children in these energy saving measures. But kids, after […]