6 Clear Benefits Of Power Off The Grid

Benefits Of Living Off The GridThe shortage of energy, the rapid depletion of non-renewable resources, the increasing need for a steady electricity supply, and the day-by-day alerts about the environment are enough warnings that it is time we make a change. So, what shall we do?

For a start, have you considered making your own power off the grid? If not, you should know that living off the grid not only helps save power and the environment; but it also cuts down your electricity bill. So, in addition to healing the earth, you will save loads of cash in the long run.

Let us look at the benefits of making your own power off the grid in more detail:

Reduced reliance on depleting resources:

Do you really want to rely on public utilities all the time? How many times have you stressed when a blackout occurs during a party or some critical work? Living off the grid helps you depend only on your resources and helps you take control of such factors affecting your life. No longer will you have to rely on oil, gas, nuclear and other non-renewable sources used by utility corporations and governments.

Free use of naturally occurring resources:

How would you feel if you could use as much power as you want without ever having to pay for it? Well, by living off the grid, you can. You can make use of the abundant power of the sun and wind to power your house, heat your water and cook your food, without worrying about it ever running out.

Lower power costs:

Just imagine the utility bills stopped arriving in your letter box. How would that make you feel? With renewable energy solutions you get your return on investment very soon, eventually making the electricity supply to home free. In fact, if you produce enough power, it is possible to sell the excess electricity back to the grid for a profit.

Promotes a cleaner environment:

Just think of the people that planted all those trees decades ago, not expecting to reap the benefits in their lifetime. They planted those trees as a sustainable solution for future generations. Don’t you think we should also secure the future of our future generations by leaving behind a cleaner, greener planet? Living off the grid decreases the use of non-renewable resources, thus cutting down carbon emissions and other harmful pollution.

Systems can be made portable:

The nice thing about renewable energy solutions is that they can be made portable.  With the advancement of technology, thin-film solar panels are light-weight enough to be taken with you when you travel. When camping, you can make use of black solar heaters that are very effective for making hot water. And parabolic solar cookers can be used for heating your food.

Very affordable to get started:

Nowadays there is a number a quality resources and guides available to teach you how to make your own solar and wind power systems with materials that can be found at home or your local hardware store.  It can cost you well under $250 for everything, so you longer have to spend thousands of dollars to start living off the grid.

As you can see, the advantages of making your power off the grid are so profound, that it is surprising that more people have not adopted this way of life yet.  Perhaps they are afraid of change.  Well, you certainly have nothing to fear, but everything to gain by making power off the grid, so do yourself – and the world – a favor by getting started today.

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