5 Must Have Solar Gadgets

Solar gadgets are must have items which you never think about until you realise just how useful they can be. The abundant energy from the sun provides one of the most popular forms of alternative energy. Solar power has been used for several decades and is set to rise in popularity with energy costs rising and natural fossil fuel resources become more scarce. The more you use them the more you can’t live without a solar gadget!

A Solar charger is an essential gadget to have when traveling especially in remote areas. A solar charger can power mobile phones, MP3 players, ipods, ipads, ebook readers, camera batteries and even laptops. Imagine you were out trekking the Inca trail, the view is stunning, you want a photo to remember for the rest of your life and the battery is dead! Solar chargers can be harvesting energy while you walk so that when you are ready so is the power.

A PIR motion sensor light is a great addition to your house so you can safely come in through the front door or put your car in a garage. A solar lighting kit means you don’t have to be concerned about building regulations, wiring or hiring an expensive electrician to hook up your light to the mains. Solar lights can be used in garages, out buildings, stables and back gardens.

Solar desk toys are perfect presents for hard to buy for men, or as executive business gifts. Desk top solar windmills are elegant and hypnotic as they rotate gently in the sun or a revolving aeroplane spins round on your desk, perfect solar gadgets to keep old and young amused. The solar toy is a fantastic way to teach children about alternative energy and how solar power works through build your own kits and cute toys like hopping frogs and dancing crickets.

Solar fairy lights and solar garden lights can transform a garden, terrace or balcony into a beautiful area of twinkling lights when the sun goes down. Once installed they can be left all year round without any worry of replacing batteries or weather damage. The garden lights will automatically illuminate as it becomes dark after charging all day and can deliver up to 8 hours of pretty lights to make your garden a relaxing space to enjoy in the evening. One of the most popular solar gadgets to buy.

If you know anyone who loves fishing and likes to go on weekends camping then a solar light cap is an item they will want to have with them. The cap charges up during the day and will switch on to produce a strong beam so you can hook flies, read maps and get around in the dark. Great for camping and festivals the cap is compact and light weight and comfortable to wear.

If you are interested in solar gadgets and want to read more about solar power you can find lots of solar advice and the best collection of solar gadgets to buy in the UK at the Solar Gadget Store.

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