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Living Off Power Grid: Are You Enjoying It Yet?

Off Grid LivingMore and more people have started to realize that you can enjoy today’s luxuries and the independence of living off power grid at the same time.  Living off the power grid means being just that – off the grid.  No power lines, no electric bills, and no…

10 Easy Ways You Can Make a Real Difference to Save Your Planet

Can one person change the world? Maybe not, but together we can make small changes that combined can have a positive and long-lasting impact on the environment. What greater legacy for our children and grandchildren than the preservation of this miraculous planet that we are privileged to call home? Here are ten top tips to […]

Congress Passes Tax Credit To Offset Small Wind Turbine Cost

Recently the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, H.R. 1424, was passed by Congress that includes a new federal investment tax credit to assist the public in offsetting the wind turbine cost for their homes, businesses or farms.  Without any delay, president Bush signed the bill into law…

Tap Into The Power of DIY Solar Energy and DIY Wind Power

Considering that the two most plentiful energy resources known to man, is solar energy and wind energy, it’s hardly surprising that homes and businesses can nowadays be powered solely in this manner. With solar panels or a wind power generator installed, practically every type of electrical appliance can be powered, including driers, water heaters, TV’s, computers, and even cooling systems.

Lengthen Your Pool Season With Solar Swimming Pool Heating Solutions

Who would rather dive in warm water than cold water? A lot of us want to warm our swimming pools without skyrocketing our electricity bills. In the past, this is not probable, but now that we have the solar energy system, we can have warm water in our pool without paying for high electricity bills.