Yearly Archives: 2014

How To Get A Solar Power Grant

In this modern era, with both global warming and greenhouse gases on the rise, it’s important to take note of the importance of renewable energy resources. Paying attention to the reduction of carbon emissions and further harmful effects upon the environment is essential.

Renewable Diesel Fuel Production For Fleet Managers

Fleet supervisors from many different companies and municipal city managers have been taking a look at biodiesel in an effort to help save fuel cost and lower their emissions.

Energy Independence with Wind Power

Electricity is something which we have only become more dependent on since it was first made available to our homes. Of course, electricity can be quite expensive, but our modern lifestyles require access to a steady supply of electrical energy, so people will make sacrifices in other areas to keep this essential utility on.

Oil Companies Continue To Pay Off Congress and Kill Nigerians

Nigeria is the 6th largest supplier of oil to the United States. The U.S. people consume 500,000 barrels of oil a day from Nigeria.

Ethanol Biofuel Production

Ethanol production plants have been built in the Midwest and have also been promoted heavily through Federal subsidies. Is ethanol a serious player in the market for alternative energy?