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How To Finance Your Wind Turbine Systems

If you are interested in putting in a small wind system in your home as a form of alternative energy then there are many ways you can get the unit financed. This is a very expensive project and it can be hard for most people to find the money to get the project paid for. Getting the money together is important because you will absorb the costs later in the long run.

Some Tips About Finding Wind Generators On The Market And Keep The Cost Down

In the event that you are searching for ways to help you save on your electrical energy bill and you reside in a windy region, then a wind turbine may well give you a way out, however it will be even better if you can locate wind generators for sale at a bargain price. Despite the fact that you can save cash in the end with a wind turbine system, the price will most likely set you back at first, determined by how small or large a system you will be planning to get, and how much of a bargain you can find.

Going Green – A Foot in the Right Direction for New Business?

Preservation of the environment is paramount – no question. Anything we as individuals can do to make sure our bit is done is a positive action. But what about our working life? How can even subtle changes here make a difference? And what benefits are there for the new business owner in going green? Bottom […]

What is the Feed in Tariff Program?

The impact of climate change has resulted in many governments coming up with programs to counter the negative impact. To do this, there has been an effort to move towards using renewable energy sources. A Feed-In Tariff (FiT) is an incentive program to promote the implementation of renewable energy by way of government legislation. The regional or national utility or power companies are mandated to purchase electricity generated from renewable sources, such as wind power, solar power, hydropoweretc, at rates set by the government. The set government rates are higher than market rates to off-set the cost disadvantages of using renewable energy sources. The rates that are established will vary among governments.