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Impacts of a Switchgear

It is not everyday that a person sits inside their home and looks around and everything they own that operates off of an electric outlet. In that way, it is also not every day that once contemplates the way in which these devices are controlled. That is to say, no one exactly wonders how much of our electricity is powered by a single source. One may consult their fuse box from time to time, but they do not think about where their city’s fuse box lies, even though that is the true source of energy their house runs from. And without that city power, without that switchgear, there’s no telling what could happen.

Flywheel Energy Set to Become Renewable?

Renewable Energy Storage Systems Renewable forms of energy are critical to provide distributable sources of energy and to protect the environment from the harmful effects of global warming. Presently, hydroelectricity, solar power and wind power are the most stable forms of renewable energy. The addition of new technologies like, Smart Grids make these renewable technologies […]

Should I Buy a Hybrid Car to Save on Gas?

When you drive up to the gas station pump and fill your car up with $10-$70 worth of gas, you may find yourself heaving a long drawn out sigh. How on Earth did petrol get to be so expensive? Should you check out one of those new hybrid cars you saw on the television? Everyone’s talking about hybrid cars anyway. Hybrid cars and other types of cars may seem to be a good idea, but before you go out and do something rash, maybe you should ask yourself some basic questions about how you can start to save money on gas.

Quick Tips for Making Your Kitchen Energy Efficient

With the price of everything around us going up considerably from month to month, it is vital we look to be as energy efficient as possible around the home. One of the biggest problems is the amount of heat and electricity we use one in our homes. Here are some quick tips you can use […]