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DIY Solar Heating and Solar Hot Water

Solar and wind are the current buzzwords in renewable energy, and DIY articles abound on the internet. Readers who are handy with tools, and who happen to be licensed electricians, may find the suggested projects easy to complete. For the rest of us, installing any kind of interface to the utility power grid is definitely […]

Residential Solar Energy Systems Power the Witchcliffe Eco-Village

Residential solar energy systems do not need to be isolated systems providing power for one individual home. They are most effective when grouped to service a complete land development or sub-division. A prime example of this can be seen in a new eco-village development at Witchcliffe, near Margaret River, Western Australia.

How Much Money Can Wind Power Save Me?

The amount of money that wind power can save you depends on many factors. It can be significantly a large amount of money for you if you have a good sized system and what the system is for. Many of the factors that determine the amount of money you can save includes the amount of wind you have, the type of system, the amount of energy you use, and much more.

Airborne Wind Generators Power The Planet?

A lot has been said about our wind generators’ power over the past few years. Initially thought of as the answer to the worlds energy crisis, we soon realized how many turbines, and the vast amount of space that would actually be needed to power the world.

People are already up in arms about wind turbines…

Getting The Green Energy Home Of Your Dreams

Green Energy Home

With all the improvements in green energy technology, it is now simpler than ever to begin adapting your house into a green energy home.  A green energy home makes use of renewable sources to supply hot water, electricity, heating and security.

There are a variety of methods to making your house a green energy…