Yearly Archives: 2009

New Vertical Model Turbine Wind To Power New York

Loch Sheldrake, NY – This fall marked the dawn of a new type of model turbine wind power, where Manhattan-based Environmental Technologies and Sullivan County College celebrated the introduction of their first 1.25-megawatt vertical axis wind turbine to be built on the campus grounds.

Environmental Technologies’ founder and president, Sam…

A New Type Of Wind Power: Residential Energy Ball

An innovative wind turbine that spins in a spherical formation was recently released by Swedish company, Home Energy. Replacing conventional blades for a modern orb structure, this beautiful piece of engineering makes use of the Venturi principle, where it funnels and intensifies wind within the turbine’s blades…

Use of Solar Electricity Is Beginning To Being More Popular Each Week

The cost of electricity is climbing and the best choice that we have nowadays is using solar energy. The real reason for this being burnt that fossil fuels like coal,which in turn is getting used to provide energy,so if we would like our future to be safe, this is the time we step forward and start using solar technology needed for Electric power complaining that have consistently supported that electricity is of the most importance and desires to remain are:

What Is So Great About Renewable Energy?

For the various countries in the world to keep functioning energy is required. Traditionally non-renewable sources of energy have been used to power industries. However much of this is now reduced and renewable energy is much preferred method of power. Here are the reasons why everyone should be concerned about renewable energy.