1 Million Energy Star Homes-and Growing

The US Government runs the Energy Star program, now boasting more than 1 million Energy Star rated homes. To achieve these guidelines, set by the EPA, houses must be at least 15% more energy efficient than homes built to the 2004 international residential code, and are often 20 to 30% more efficient than standard houses.

To earn the Energy Star seal of approval, the houses need to include a variety of “tried-and-true” energy-efficient features that contribute to the overall efficiency of your home. These features make your house more comfortable, reduce their energy requirements and reduce the amount of air pollution produced.

Efficient Heating and Cooling Equipment

This is one of the biggest factors in keeping your home energy efficient. Old heating systems and A.C. units often waste a tremendous amount of energy. They burn more energy than they should to produce the desired results and, if they are not run efficiently, they must be run for longer periods of time (burning additional energy). More efficient systems are better able to stabilize your home, requiring reduced system usage.

Effective Insulation

What’s the point of heating your house if it simply leaks to the outside? A well insulated home, including attics, floors and walls help you maintain even temperatures throughout the year. As you preserve a constant temperature in your house, your climate control systems will activate less often, using less power.

High-Performance Windows

Windows with UV coating,Newer windows with UV protection and good seals to prevent drafts, can lower your energy costs and reduce their total cost of ownership.

Tight Construction and Docs

Energy Star rated houses require tight construction and snug duct work. Cracks and holes in the home allow heat out in the winter and heat to enter in the summer. This places additional strain on your climate systems, wasting power. Leaks also trigger bigger variations in the temperature of your house, requiring systems to go off and on more frequently. Drafts, which annoy many houseowners, are caused by such duct leaks, cracks and holes in the home.

Energy-Efficient Products

By purchasing energy efficient appliances and products, ranging from light fixtures and light bulbs to ventilation fans and kitchen appliances, you are able to reduce your electric demand while still getting the services you need.

Third-Party Verification

Independent house energy raters are able to review the houses and certify them as Energy Star rated. They review the home, using an inspection process that check insulation, air tightness, the ceiling structure, components used, appliances and more.

As you look to buy an energy efficient home in Commack, be sure the house that you’re looking at is Energy Star rated. All of the homes built by EmmyHomes.com, for example, our Energy Star certified. Choosing an Energy Star will save you money and can increase your resale value in the future.

Craig Axelrod is a partner with Emmy. For additional info about LI Energy Efficient Homes and Commack New Contruction go to EmmyHomes.com

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