About DIY Renewable Energy

First of all, welcome to DIY-Renewable-Energy.com.

DIY Renewable Energy is an independent review site helping you make an informed decision about the many diy renewable energy guides on the market today. These guides all aim to teach you to build your own solar panel and wind power systems at home - with materials lying around your house or sourced from your local hardware store.

The guides are all sold as downloadable ebooks, so that customers can take advantage of free updates and revisions as they are made available. Most of them are written in a step-by-step fashion and accompanied by detailed diagrams. One, namely Earth4Energy, even has instructional videos.

In addition to our in-depth product reviews, we are green enthusiasts at heart and provide useful information and insight into making your own power at home, and discuss various other aspects of "living green" in our articles section.

Use this website to compare renewable energy guides side by side. When you need more information, have a look at our full reviews. Unlike other review sites, we have actually bought the products reviewed and recommended on this site. We have spent countless hours reading, building, trying and testing the information in these guides.

We have used the guides to build our own solar and wind energy systems at home to power our lights and main appliances. We've saved hundreds of dollars on our electricity bill, and decreased our carbon footprint by utilizing renewable energy.

As green energy enthusiasts we realize the importance of using clean, sustainable sources of electricity. More importantly we understand that as the world's energy crisis intensifies, we need to decrease our reliance on the national grid, and make our own energy at home.

DIY Renewable Energy was developed to eduate you on the importance of "living green", and to save you time and money by helping you make an informed decision as to which renewable energy guide to buy.

If you have any questions about this website or ourselves, you are welcome to contact us.

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Tim and Trudy